About Us

In the broadest sense, and at the most fundamental level, it is our sincere hope and aim that Edition Truth shall become a site of discussion, debate, cross-cultural exchange, and mutual benefit for all those wishing to expand the depth and breadth of their knowledge. We opened this arena with the intention of bringing a new voice and character into the limelight of world affairs, not the assertions of the self-proclaimed or unassailable expert, but the fresh ideas and perceptions of the curious, idealistic, ever-critical student.

We lay claim to no nationality, and delineate no set lines of identity. For the student a transnational figure, an international phenomenon, a globalist attribute. We hope that you will join us in our pursuit, and assist us in demonstrating the prominent role that the individual can play in international affairs. This is a dialogue, after all, a tool of mutual interest and collaborative effort. Only we can determine the nature of the outcome; only we can show what students have to say. So read up, and in the end, speak out. Your participation is encouraged, highly valued, and eagerly anticipated.